How to Find Your Vocation with the Holland Code

Sometimes the search for your favorite profession turns into a long and confusing journey. Unfortunately, not all of us know our strengths well and understand what we would like to do. If you are not sure in what direction you should develop and what profession suits you, perhaps the Holland method can help.

What is Holland’s code

American psychologist John Holland believed that a person’s personality is determined by his or her individual interests and approach to different life situations. Depending on this, the specialist identified six personality types. But since each of us is multifaceted, it is impossible to limit ourselves to only one category. Therefore, three dominant types should be taken into account, which add up to a personal “Holland code.

Besides, the psychologist was sure that not only people, but also professional spheres can be characterized according to this principle. And if one classification is compared with another, it will help to select the most suitable occupation for the person.

What personality types did Holland identify?

1. Realistic

This type prefers specific tasks. Such people like to work alone or with similar “realists.” They always focus on the present, do not like to make predictions and wish for the future. The clearer the task is formulated, the easier for the realistic type to cope with it.

Suitable occupations: engineer, plumber, audio or video technician, chemist, dentist, furniture maker, car mechanic.

2. Exploratory.

“Explorers” like to use their analytical skills and abstract thinking to get to the bottom of things. People of this type are thinkers who strive to complete tasks, often on their own, as well as to explore and discover new things. Their key qualities are rationality and originality.

Suitable occupations: sociologist, scientist, psychologist, economist.

3. Artistic.

Such people like to create new things, they have a well-developed imagination. They think unconventionally, aspire to self-expression and are not afraid to show bright emotions. In addition, they are independent and extravagant.

Suitable occupations: writer, artist, actor, singer, dancer, photographer, fashion designer.

4. Social

Representatives of this type prefer to interact with others. They care about other people’s problems, and they always try to help those around them. People of the social type are humane, tolerant and very friendly. They often become volunteers.

Suitable occupations: social worker, nurse, doctor, teacher, clergyman.

5. Entrepreneurial

“Entrepreneurs like the leadership role. They are true extroverts who adore challenges. This type is distinguished by its energy and dominance, which sometimes turns into aggression. These individuals do not really like manual labor, but with great enthusiasm take up intellectual tasks.

Suitable occupations: hostess, sales manager, lawyer, director, chef.

6. Systematic

People of this type are rather conservative. At the same time, they are very practical, executive and persistent, prefer tasks with a clear structure and attention to detail.

Suitable occupations: accountant, librarian, insurance agent, HR manager.

How to find a vocation using the Holland code

An easy way to determine your Holland code is to take a test, which is not hard to find online. The results will show your aptitude for each of the six types. Pay attention to the top 3: it is the one that will help you form a list of suitable options for career development.

However, you should not forget about other important aspects. Some occupations require serious training, practice, and experience, and you need to be prepared to work at it for a long time.