The most common labor problems

In any organization or company, the relationships of those who make it up bring with them conflictive situations that can create a bad atmosphere. It is inevitable that labor problems will arise, but putting an end to them is essential for a good working environment. Any dispute, if not solved, will affect the welfare of people, their motivation and consequently their performance, something very harmful to the emotional state of the worker, and then logically also affect the good performance of the company.

Resolving these issues is necessary. Through collective bargaining, communication and dialogue, the institution is involved to contribute to the improvement of labor management, its process, and business development.

Work problems and common conflicts in companies

The fact of working with people implies that conflicts may arise that would like to be prevented. Something common in social interactions, day-to-day coexistence brings with it disputes, disagreements or discrepancies that cause controversial environments.

Any type of labor problem is detrimental to both the company and its employees.

Labor problems are any dispute, conflict or dilemma that occurs between people in the company and therefore affects the entire organization. Therefore, we distinguish between those that occur in personal relationships and those that arise from the corporate structure.

Conflicts concerning people

These types of work-related problems arise from social interactions, affect people’s well-being and can have psychological repercussions.

Some of the most common causes that provoke them are: Excessive competitiveness, bad relationships, conflicts due to personality discrepancies, negative behaviors, harassment, work stress, demotivation, etc.

Problems derived from the organization

In this case, we are talking about the lack of organization on the part of the company’s managers, directors or team leaders. Essentially they are due to poor communication or lack of attention to the employee. Among the main ones:

  •  Poorly defined orders and guidelines.
  •  Poor management of teamwork
  •  Lack of coordination
  •  Poor guidelines for new hires
  •  Unfavorable working conditions

Here, too, labor conflict factors are involved, i.e., sometimes the employment contracts are contrary to the interests of the employer and the employees, which is why different problems are triggered from there.

Within the scope of the internal organization of a company, the human resources area, among its responsibilities, has to provide employees with the means to perform their duties in the best way and try to meet their needs.
How to solve labor problems?

As we said, any conflict is inevitable. Before it arises it is important to apply preventive measures, however, sometimes it is not possible to prevent them and it is necessary to act. Whatever the reason, origin or cause, any problematic situation must be analyzed and mediated to solve it effectively.

First, detect the problem, then analyze and look for solutions. Put this way it sounds easy, although it is usually a somewhat complicated process. So it can be done in different ways, as appropriate.

Some of the most commonly used techniques are:

– Moderation from arbitration, a process that involves listening to those involved on both sides.
– Encourage dialogue between the parties, with someone neutral to facilitate the conversation, providing solutions from another viewpoint.
– Negotiation agreements, with the objective that those involved in the conflict solve the labor problem peacefully and reach an agreement.

It is fundamental to do it from the acceptance, it should not be pretended or overlooked, then encourage those involved to find solvencies. In any case, it is essential to detect them in time.