How do you become part of a business network and reach your potential?

Undoubtedly, the concept of business networks can only be understood from the new era of technology. This number of relationships between dependencies with the same enterprise aims at achieving a level of strategic information that allows the potentiation of achievements as a group.

This network benefits producers, entrepreneurs and users because it aims at eliminating intermediaries, guaranteeing a direct distribution chain.

Regardless of the nature of the product or project, the business network is responsible for the management of different types of capital, including human capital, which is very important because it is oriented to the knowledge of the people involved in the business network. For this reason, human resources is responsible for the effective and correct management of the potential of its staff.

More and more business leaders are realizing the importance of creating a collaborative business network as they realize that the way of doing business has changed. The new strategies of the 21st century marketplace talk about networks as a utility system directly proportional to the number of their branches.

One of the new goals of companies operating through networks is to have human capital to automate work, be capable of enterprise, self-sufficient, yet loyal to the company , and able to take charge of the project .

Generation Y, also known as the Millennial generation, who will inherit the jobs of the current generation, are now highly qualified to occupy and create the jobs of the future. Their flexibility when it comes to starting a business, their high capacity for emotional intelligence, their innate creativity and their genuine curiosity to adapt to technology and new forms of business make this generation a promising business network.

These elements help position the company at higher levels in terms of competitive advantage. In other words, the structure of the business network is reinforced in such a way that customers will feel more loyal to the company than others, despite the demand for the service or product.

On the other hand, it is very important that this business network knows its customers and is well aware of their needs and problems in order to identify market opportunities.

To be part of a business network, you can be an entrepreneur or part of a company’s human talent, as both considerations begin with the same quest for business and profit.

If you want to join or create a business network but do not yet know how to recognize your professional skills, you can first learn about your personal skills .