How to maintain concentration without getting distracted in the attempt? Psychology

Do you find yourself in a moment that requires a high level of concentration and suddenly your mind is thinking about so many things at once that it seems to be in an amusement park? Do you find it difficult to concentrate on one thing at a time?

Perhaps you have found yourself at some point at work or studying for an exam and you realize that you have been trying to finish something that you know you could have finished in less than one hour. Sometimes a morning at work can be more productive than your full eight-hour schedule, and the same thing happens when you have to do a term paper.

In those moments is when it is very convenient to have some tricks that allow you to generate the right environment to finish what you need to finish faster than you think.

1. The Space.

It consists of knowing in what space and environment you feel more comfortable to work, if you need to be at a table, in bed, at a desk away from everyone, with what kind of light. Do your ideas and concentration flow better in the morning, afternoon or evening? Before or after lunch?

Okay, now that you’re clear, it’s time to intentionally set up the space. Everything that favors to maintain your concentration, even have a snack of almonds or walnuts that are very beneficial for the brain. Have a bottle of water so you don’t have to stand up. This will help you to plan your tasks for the periods when you have more concentration.

2. The Goal.

It is important to set a goal, for example, when you are going to travel but you have to define where you are going, how you are going to get there, how much you can spend, etc. How do you know which road to take if you don’t know where you want to go? The same goes for studying. It is much easier and smoother to work on clearly established guidelines. For example, you have an end goal, however, for this you will have some specifics.

Dividing the activities into small tasks, generating a plan of action will help you know where to start and you will know when you have finished the task to continue with the next one in an orderly manner. This will make you see the progress of your work that will motivate you to stay focused.

3. Goodbye distractions.

If you have the possibility at work or at home to ask not to be interrupted for a certain period of time, great! If possible, you can put up a “Do Not Disturb” sign and if someone simply wants to chat, they will have to wait.

You can put your cell phone on silent and deactivate the vibration. In another article of our blog, we had already suggested you to have periods of approximately two hours dedicated to study, and in this case if it is for work, psychology also suggests it.

4. Auditory aid.

It has been proven through psychology that music can be of great help in concentration. There are three types of alternatives. The first is to generate silence, the second with music and the third with white noise.

White noise, also known as white sound, is sounds that maintain the same frequency in a constant way. It is similar to a static sound, for example when the TV is not tuned to any channel. According to alternative medicine, it helps to cleanse the environment of bad vibes.

Music also helps to maintain concentration, but care should be taken when choosing to avoid becoming a distraction. If you favor silence, put on headphones on mute to isolate nearby noises or even some earplugs.

5. Be prepared and reward yourself for your effort.

If you already know that you will need full concentration, sleep well and eat healthy before getting down to work, and finally, give yourself a well-deserved reward, for example every time you finish a specific goal, eat a candy or read your favorite news or blogs, play a game, get up to talk to a colleague or call someone. Anyway, if you have finished all your work, congratulations! It’s time to rest.

Now that you have these psychology techniques to maintain your concentration, go ahead with your goal and if you need more, do not hesitate to consult the eBook Study techniques that we have made for you.