The dynamics of labor integration applicable to any job

Work integration dynamics help build teams so that the people who make up the group get to know each other, elicit empathy, build trust, improve communication and strengthen bonds.

The following dynamics can be applied in any work environment, regardless of company size, budget or time. Suggestions are applicable in a short amount of time and with little investment of economic resources.

Incentives are a way to compensate for the work or dynamics being performed. It doesn’t have to be material things or financial rewards. You can even research employee needs.

  • Food stamps.
  • Promotional items.
  • Pantry.
  • Per diem travel pay for the week.
  • Intangible vouchers:
  • Home office day.
  • A day off.
  • Late checkout for the week.
  • Early departure for the week.

Climbing a mountain.

It is suggested that this activity be done during a picnic, on the patio or in the garden. It consists of forming small teams, choosing a leader by voting. The person chosen is the person who will lead the team during the tour. Everyone is blindfolded, even the leader, (but no one will know).

In Search of the Lost Treasure.

This game is designed to encourage teamwork, foster creativity, and recognize leadership. It’s about hiding incentives and placing “clues” in the workspace using riddles that, when solved, move them to the next item until they find the “treasure.”

Broken Phone.

This is a classic children’s game that consists of lining up in a line or circle, the first person reads a message or phrase and whispers it to the person to their right, they can’t repeat it, only once. The person receiving the message continues the same dynamic, telling his partner to his right what he heard, and so on. The last person in line says the received message out loud. It helps to understand how the message sometimes dissipates until it loses its essence.

Changing Roles.

It consists of alternating the roles and actions of each person. You can through a prank. For example, the general manager runs errands for the porter and she, in turn, does the job of the accountant. It’s not about specific actions, but about trying to put yourself in the other person’s shoes.

Family inclusion.

It is about inviting families, when it may be a couple, children and even parents, to work, with the intention that they know their tasks and live with relatives of their colleagues.

Work coexistence.

It is important to consider coexistence within the workforce, outside of work-related issues. It is recommended to live together with all those who make up the company or work area. Bring food and/or snacks, talk and get to know each other.

There are companies or consultants who specialize in conducting conferences, conducting workshops, or developing plans with organizational development tactics and strategies. It is always important for the CEO, general manager, human resources manager, etc. to remember the importance of maintaining integration between the people who make up your work team and to consider the dynamics of workforce integration in your budget. .