What career to study to become a millionaire and earn a lot of money?

Hello student! I’m going to start by telling you that we all need money to live, don’t misunderstand this post, I’m not going to tell you “go into medicine because they make thousands of dollars” or “into engineering because it’s almost certain that you’ll get a job when you graduate from college”. I’m going to talk about those who want to study a career to earn a lot of money and those who don’t know that they will need it to pay for that car they have always wanted.

Don’t get me wrong, money is very important in our lives, but it is not everything. Keep reading so you can understand me. By the way, this post is not short…you can’t sum up such an important thing in less than 1000 words. If you really care about making a good decision, read the whole thing.

Choosing a career for money

I’m going to be very direct. Studying a career does not make you a millionaire. It gives you the tools to develop yourself within an organization, or to develop your own project or business. People who have a lot of money combine several factors, of course the career they studied influences a lot, but it is not everything; another factor is how they apply that knowledge in their daily life.

Studying to be a millionaire

In general, those who want to enter college only to earn money have these characteristics:

These types of students are not motivated by the activities derived from the career they chose, or the professional possibilities they offer.
They do not know most of the branches in which they can work, and of course, the responsibilities they acquire when developing this economic activity.
They feel admiration for someone they know who has a certain lifestyle, usually someone with money (cars of the year, houses, etc.).

What really motivates them is money, NOTHING ELSE. And here’s the main problem: they don’t know that to earn those millions, it requires spending thousands of hours perfecting that activity, and since they never stopped to think if they were going to endure exercising that career for years, they get desperate and end up leaving everything aside. Usually these people jump from career to career.

What to study to be poor?

The other side of the coin is to choose a career without thinking about money. Surely you have heard someone say “Money is not everything” and what do you think? He’s right. Money is not everything in professional life, and it cannot for any reason be the only factor you take into account when choosing a career. Obviously I wish you to earn many millions with your career; the problem does not lie in wanting to earn money, I also want to earn millions; the problem lies in the fact that you do not stop and analyze if you are really going to be able to perform at 100% in that profession.

If you don’t like it, you won’t be able to stand out, no matter how good an actor or actress you are, people will realize that it’s not your thing. Maybe at the beginning you can stand the fact of doing something you don’t like, but as time goes by, you will get angry and that only has two endings:

  • Either you quit.
  • Or you keep doing it against your will and reluctantly.

No one can do something they don’t like all their life and be financially successful.

Careers to earn millions and millions

I’m sure you want me to give you a list, I’m not going to. Why? Because in reality in any career you can be financially successful. Obviously if you are going to study an obsolete career, such as typing, which in these times is no longer useful for anything, you are not going to earn any money.

Think about your financial future

Before choosing a career, make sure you know the job market, whether you work for someone, or you decide to start your own business, do not ignore the issue of money. Maybe right now you think it is not important, but I assure you that in about 10 years it will be; make sure that the career you like is the one that will satisfy you in all aspects, not only in the economic one, take into account the following points:

  • You have to like the career.
  • The career has to be a factor for your economic income.

I wish you much success, if you have any doubts, ask Marcela, she is the expert.