Workaholic, how do you know if you are one, and how not to become one

A workaholic, translated in Spanish, is someone who is dependent on his or her work. It is with those who come to the office earlier and/or leave later, work even on weekends from home. He never lets go of his cell phone or computer for a minute, and he has only unresolved work issues on his mind.

Whether the term is used as a “fashion” or in playful form, these types of people live under constant stress, which affects their physical health as well as their social, family and even personal life.

Is doing home office work a workaholic?

There is a big difference between a home office and a workaholic, because while both work from home, the former must take the same number of work hours, and the latter must work in an office, take work home and take more time than is provided.

To begin with, the home office is a modality that works well for people who want to balance their personal and work lives. It consists of working from home during the same hours as the office.

Being a workaholic means spending more time than the work day you are paid for. Working from home at night, on weekends, even on holidays and official non-working days.

Symptoms of a workaholic.

  • You don’t have time for yourself.
  • You go to the office sick, even if you have a disability.
  • You don’t take your official vacation time.
  • You visit the office or work from home on weekends, weekends, or non-work days.
  • You are the first to come into the office and the last to leave.
  • You don’t work in a team, you prefer to take responsibility and do things on your own.
  • You have no social life.

How do you not become a workaholic?

It’s easier than it sounds. First, it’s respecting your workday as well as your free time. As much as you love your job, you also need to make time for yourself.

  • – Don’t accumulate earrings. Try to complete tasks as they are presented to you. Leaving things to last will keep you in the office longer, go to bed late, and work on days when you should be resting.
  • – Manage your workday. You may be late because you stayed up all night working from home, which is a vicious cycle. Analyze what your time loss is, how much time you spend eating breakfast, talking, going shopping during work hours. Start reducing that and using it to make your earrings.
  • – Take your time and take your time. With new technology, having a smartphone at our fingertips allows us to be in the office most of the time, so it’s important to set limits. If you get emails on your cell phone, check them, but you’re not going to respond to all of them, prioritize the urgent ones and wait until you get to the office to deal with the missed ones.
  • – Engage in physical activity. It can be running, walking, joining a gym, etc. This will clear your mind and occupy your time.
  • – Learn something new. You can sign up for a course, a master class or a diploma, there are many online platforms that allow you to study remotely. Or you can learn something you’ve always wanted to do: cook, sing, play a musical instrument, etc.

It’s important to try your best at work, but it’s also important to realize the importance of enjoying life. Making time for yourself, getting eight hours of sleep, eating healthy in your own time, distracting yourself, enjoying the fruits of your work, and going on vacations are gifts you deserve to give yourself.

Your productivity at work also depends on how rested you are personally. You will achieve more if you respect the time and space of every area of your life.